"Some of the brightest minds of the 20th century worked to expand

human longevity -- and they were largely successful.  Now we can turn our attention

to the more exciting problem of living well in our extended years.  It makes me happy to know

that my friends at Ikaria Living are joining with the brightest minds of the 21st century, working to help

thoughtful people create environments to live beautifully throughout their lives." 

KEVIN KERTSCHER, filmmaker, triathelete

KEVIN KERTSCHER, filmmaker, triathelete


"Ikaria-designed homes feel like being in a spacious sanctuary-

allowing you the clarity to regenerate and connect to what is most important in life."

KRISTEN PAGE, Yoga & Meditation instructor


"IKARIA creates the kind of homes that prioritize holistic wellness

and an optimal quality of life. This pays immeasurable dividends in people's lives."

DR. JOHN M. GILLIS, ER physician